US Military Contingency Plan For Alien Invasion: Code Name – Propaganda

Seems the US Military has no problem putting out propaganda and all kinds of problems disclosing as you will see in the following news story.

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Why would the military volunteer this type of information and not share information on simple sightings or investigations? Do they believe we are so stupid as to believe this propaganda? Of course they do. They have convinced you that fluoride is good for your teeth and wont harm you. The science says otherwise yet we do nothing to change it.

As readers of GP know I am not a big conspiracy believer but now it seems more often that the conspiracies are crossing over into the “real” world. I remember watching the video below last year and not buying into the hype. It seems the video was the truth and it is just now that people are beginning to open their eyes. Even eyes that were so widely shut as mine. Dr. Carol Rosin explains exactly how the elite will use propaganda to toy with the sheeple.

[vsw id="60hlMrYB7Mo" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]


The good news is that the story seems to stop there. It is as if the elite believe that they will achieved there goal with the faked alien threat. Their goal is a one world government where the banking cartels run the world with government backed military and the UN as the puppet regulatory agency. Our own military last month told Congress that it would seek the UN and NATO authority for military intervention in the future bypassing Congress. The video below is chilling proof that what Dr. Carol Rosin indicated above is happening now.

[vsw id="Ll9bDNt4_6c" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]


Is it just me or do all these videos share the same goal? The plan to create a one world government has been in the works by the elite for hundreds of years. History is riddled with the same ideology of world domination. The alien invasion propaganda is just the last card to be played to get to there goal of a one world government. Has there ever been any indication that humans are being threatened by aliens? Even if you believe 10% of the videos on YouTube, you have to wonder why anyone would believe that alien visitors are threatening us.

Even if you don’t believe in all the conspiracies out there (like me) you still need to scratch your head at Leon Panetta and his treasonous remarks. There is nothing in the Constitution that allows our military to conduct ANY operations outside Congressional approval. Panetta’s comments are plain and simple treason. Why is this man not facing charges? The reason is simple and is the exact same reason the elite will use the threat of an alien attack as their final card. Wake up sheeple! The elite have names, places of business, and homes. The fight isn’t with Wall Street it’s with the elite and the government officials that constantly put out this type of propaganda.

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