UFO? Or Missile Launched Near Hastings, England?

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You are going to have to be quick to catch the excitement on this video from Youtuber . In the first two seconds is when you see at the top of a funnel cloud a dark object then a bright flash of light. Below is the comments from the uploader:

This is a UFO sighting lasting maybe 1 – 2 seconds. In the video is a tornado seems to be originating from a UFO. It is a small black object which flashes. I know you will all say, ‘oh its just a plane’ but no pilot would dare be that close to a tornado. The tornado(which didn’t touch the ground) was a reported event which can be looked up easily or click this link for other video evidence got to:http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/9326110.VIDEO___Tornado__sighting_in_Bexhill/
While i was filming i did not notice the UFO because it was so small on my cameras screen. 
Any expert will tell you that this has not been edited and is 100% real. I would be open to suggestions on what it is…


[vsw id="o2awyWIhHgo" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]


Maybe it’s just me and the time in which we live, but didn’t that look like a classic missile trail from any number of military videos? Still a pretty cool video either way.

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