UFO Explodes in a Cloud? Real or Fake?

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Normally I would save the Real or Fake video for later in the week. When I watched this one I had to offer it up. The video appears to show a large UFO passing in and out of a cloud. It goes into the cloud where a flash of light gives you the impression that the UFO exploded. A trickle of light seems to fall to the ground.

The comment section is in Portuguese and is translated:

two friends were walking on a highway when they saw the apparition sp

I will assume that the it actually means traveling and not walking. Here is the video.

[vsw id="qBgQrBIcm6k" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]


Five years ago I would not even have watched the video. Three years ago I might have watched if nothing better was on. Last year I would have thought the video fake. Today I’m not so sure what I am seeing. Did the thing explode or did it just…..go. Before I get lost in some thought about wormholes in clouds or what if’s let me use my common sense rules for determining if something is or is not fake.

1. Do all parties in the video react as I would if I were recording an event of this type? Since I don’t speak Portuguese it is very difficult to say. They do sound excited at the beginning. The problem for me comes when the thing appears to explode. I would be freaking out and ducking for cover.

2. The comment section can tell you much. The comment seemed to be detached from the actual video taker. The comment section for this video reads like a joke of the day. ‘Two friends were traveling down the highway’ when they ran out of gas in front of the farmers house. You know the farmer with the daughter.

3. How does the video end? Is that how I would end the video? If I just witnessed what I thought was a UFO exploding I would have been driving to were that bright “stuff” fell to the ground.

The problem with assessing things this way is that not everyone would respond, say, or do what I do. It also assumes that in the same circumstances I would respond in a rational manner. Personally I think the video is fake. Common sense tells me that if something explodes it creates a shock wave and a debris field in it’s wake.

Now what do you think? Real or fake? Explosion or hyper drive? Leave us your comments below.

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