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Three Yeti Sightings in Siberia in a Week

  Three separate ‘sightings’ of yetis have been made in Siberia in recent weeks, say fishermen and an official in Russia. All were in the remote Kemerovo region, where around 30 ‘abominable snowmen’ live, according...

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Belief in Bigfoot Report

The big hairy monster we call Bigfoot has both eluded and fascinated many, with blurry photos and even blurrier video being some of the best evidence the creature exists. Bigfoot stories of sightings vary on some details...

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Meet Shurale – A Tartar Yeti?

Shurale comes to us from Russia where the Tartar believe a long fingered hairy beast with one horn in the middle of it’s forehead lures unsuspecting humans to his side to tickle them to death....