Seeking Help With Amazing Alaska UFO Photo

Two weeks ago I spoke to the woman that uploaded the video and photos of a UFO hovering over an island in Alaska to MUFON. The video (below) shows what appears to be bright lights on a spherical UFO.

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The woman indicated that she had photos that would make those appear to be nothing. She has decided to share those photos with someone shooting a documentary. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was since a second woman who had watched the video on our Youtube channel contacted me with even more amazing photos.

The second woman currently wishes to remain anonymous, but she shared two photos with me. One contains a UFO that looks remarkably like the one depicted in the video above. The woman indicated that while traveling in Alaska with her family she snapped some photos four days after the video was taken. The photos were not reviewed until days later. While reviewing the photos she saw the UFO in the first photo and a anomaly in the second. She began searching the internet for other Alaska sightings and ran into the video from MUFON.

I have these photos and I do not yet have her permission to share them. I reviewed the photos and asked the woman several questions about them. The object in the video I can not explain and does look similar to the UFO photos at the end of the video. It is far enough away to distort the object when enlarged. The photo is one of the better photos I have seen in awhile. The woman said that no one in her party saw either event.

It was the second photo that caused me to write this article. There appears to be a swirl in a otherwise clear part of the sky. The swirl creates a hole that contains what looks like the bright lights on the UFO circling the edge of the swirl. The photos were taken within minutes of each other outside of Anchorage.

When I look at the second photo it looks like something is exiting through a portal of some sort or something I don’t have the experience to determine.

I am interested in speaking with someone who researches UFO’s and will respect the wishes of the woman not allow this photo to become public. If you are interested please use the “Contact Us” tab in the navigation bar above. I will only be able to allow one researcher limited access to the photo.

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  1. Kristine April 30, 2012 at 7:53 pm

    Hi Chuck this is Kristine the owner of the video above. I have still pictures of this object more than the two plus this video sent in. There should be a few with MUFON. I have put a few other interesting phenomena as well on the IOPIA website. Investigation of Paranormal in Alaska. If you have any questions please let me know. Keep in mind, I have ALOT since February 8. 2012.

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