– Creating Conspiracies and Frauds – Back and Badder Than Ever


Well guess who is back and badder then ever? That’s right! has produced an epic video to warn psychics and mediums they intend to malign them. In a bizarre “Anonymous” style video Scifake claims to tell the truth approximately a dozen times. Refreshing actually since they seldom did it in the first attempt at creating a website.

One thing I did notice about the new was the anonymous theme. The old website authors used aliases to post things they knew to be false. Protecting their “journalist integrity” (sorry I am having a good time with this).


At the end of the day this attempt at hate will fail as the last attempt did. The owners, old and/or new,  just don’t seem to get it. If all you offer is negativity it is all you will get back. You have done nothing but limited your audience to a handful of hateful people just like you. Good luck as your site will make excellent filler for mine!


Chuck Manning

Chuck Manning

Chuck is the President and CEO for Going Beyond Radio Inc. a alternative and humanitarian streaming entertainment network. Chuck is also the owner and Managing Editor for Global Paranormal and is the Director for Voyage Into Paranormal Society of Ohio located in Cincinnati.

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