Pennsylvania Women ‘blacklisted’ by Paranormal “Star”


My involvement in this story began in 2010 when a woman named Karen contacted Haunted Like Me for help. Haunted Like Me is part of the Global Paranormal Network and is an anonymous paranormal support telephone hot line and website that provides help to people struggling with paranormal issues. Karen reported that she was being attacked by an Incubus in her Pennsylvania home over a period of several years.

The call was received by co-founder of Haunted Like Me Don Ford. Don has been in constant contact with Karen over the past two years. Karen explained that her story goes back a decade and includes some of the biggest names in the field. Below is a recording of the interview Don and I conducted on our program Prove It! Live with Karen about the situation she finds herself in.

(Karen starts at 00:20)

In the interview Karen explains her dealings with Paranormal State who told her that they would help her after she checked herself into an psychiatric hospital only after they had photos taken with a representative of the Catholic church in her home. If that wasn’t bad enough Ryan Bruell tells Karen, when she asked for a report on their visit, that it isn’t the teams policy to prepare a written report on investigations.

(To be fair Karen suffers from bi-polar disorder and is on medication for that and other health issues. She explains on the program that she has received a clean bill of mental health from doctors. Some of the medications include side affects that could explain some of the things Karen reports.)

Even after her bad experience with Paranormal State and Ryan Bruell she decided to try again to get help. This time she contacted a paranormal investigator closer to home and who indicated that he would be contacting Demonologist John Zaffis. Karen explains her dealings with John and how on their first meeting John told her that she was being attacked by an Incubus because it was attacking him during his interview. Prior to this interview no one had acknowledged her attacks being from a demonic spirit even though Karen always believed it.

After two in person cleansing and one telephone cleansing in 2010 John stopped taking Karen’s calls. That is when she contacted Haunted Like Me. Don has contacted nearly 40 teams to investigate Karen’s home. To this day we have only found two teams that would even do the investigation. Finding out later that one team arrived after drinking at a bar, and the other team told Karen that she had a Succubus and that the investigator could see it. On the second visit the woman completely changed her story to Karen about the Succubus.

The most disturbing part of the interview came when Karen indicated that one of the investigators from the first team told her that she was being ‘blacklisted’. Don and I suspected as much during our attempts to collect information when this first began two years ago. We spoke to the investigator (Scott) who was in attendance at Karen’s home and contacted John Zaffis, I personally spoke to John Zaffis on the telephone, and we attempted to contact the minister and his wife that conducted the cleansing. Although we started to get information in the beginning it all stopped after I spoke to John Zaffis.

The investigator (Scott) told us about their visits to Karen’s and how the whole process was recorded to video. Don and I thought this was going to be great help to us. During my conversation with John Zaffis I was told there was no video taken. John also told me that he had only met Karen the one time for the interview. A story that Scott, in Don’s first conversation with him, and Karen’s report suggest isn’t true. Someone in this whole mess is lying and while some people protect their reputations Karen is left with no help.

Since the attacks continue to this day if there is any team in Pennsylvania that will help Karen please feel free to contact me here at Global Paranormal or visit


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Chuck Manning
Chuck Manning

Chuck is the President and CEO for Going Beyond Radio Inc. a alternative and humanitarian streaming entertainment network. Chuck is also the owner and Managing Editor for Global Paranormal and is the Director for Voyage Into Paranormal Society of Ohio located in Cincinnati.

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