“Oh well it’s not the end of the world” Or is it?

In an attempt to muster some conversation I thought I might offer this tidbit up to our readers. In an article posted by Martha Allen at Lake Placid News the doomsday “freaks” got Y2K wrong so the 2012 end of the world theory is certainly wrong as well.

Below is part of the article.

We have reached the year 2012! How time flies. With so much going on every day, we forget the events that boggled us not so long ago.

Remember Y2K, when the millennium freaks predicted that, as the New Year rang in for 2000, everything would blow up?

When confronted with the new millennium, computers around the world, especially big, powerful government computers, were expected to go berserk and start launching nuclear weapons. Jumbo jets would rain from the heavens like clusterflies. Anarchy would reign.

Remember how we ran around in a snit like Cinderella at the ball, fearing that her coach was about to turn into a pumpkin? We were buying generators and stockpiling water, food and first aid supplies.

At least some of us were. I found the notion of worldwide mayhem exciting, but hardly compelling. I just couldn’t get into it somehow. It all seemed so sci-fi, and besides, there was the holiday season to prepare for. Who had time to get all worked up about survival when we had presents to buy, stockings to knit, pfeffernusse in the oven and a 20-pound turkey to defrost? Very few women with families to tend to bought into the millennium hysteria, I’ll bet you.

“Oh honey, that’s very interesting, but everybody get out of the kitchen now, I’m trying to do five things at once and I’ve only got two hands,” we said.

There’s an age thing, too. We Baby Boomers have subconsciously been waiting for the world to blow up since the Fifties, when we could be found on any given school day crawling under our desks, which were presumably extra sturdy in those days, the air raid siren screaming in our ears.

Yes, we had an air raid siren for when the Russian bombers came, a standard fire alarm bell and a tornado alert siren as well. For fires we marched out of doors, Indian file. For tornados, we huddled in the hallways against the wall. OK, everybody, back in your seats and open your books to page 36.

Mostly the worst things that happened on New Year’s 2000 were the same worst things that happen every New Year’s Eve, usually alcohol related, prompting the same old New year’s resolutions. Luckily, as it turned out, the Millennium freaks were wrong.

Read the full article at LakePlacidNews.com.

Were the “Millennium freaks” wrong? Governments and private businesses worldwide spent the better part of a year preparing for Y2K. Steps were taken to prevent the meltdown of society through computer glitches. The article mentions nothing happened on New Years Eve. Couldn’t that also mean that the doomsdayers had us prepared? Because of their early cries of certain doom didn’t they save society once again?

I am in no way a doomsdayer. I don’t believe the Mayan calendar predicts our demise in December. I do believe that societies of the past knew things that have been lost to time. Some of these societies were far more advanced then we give them credit for. Even though I don’t believe Earth will meet it’s end, I do believe it meets a new beginning.

What do you think? Share your comments with us.

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