Illinois Ghost Seekers Society Investigates the Old Pekin Daily Times Building

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Members of the Illinois Ghost Seekers Society prowled the Pekin Daily Times’ historic downtown building on April 14th to try and find evidence of just that.

The group visited the Times’ old mail room back in 2011, but found no conclusive evidence of anything paranormal.

“Doing research from the old mailroom, we found out that there had been a doctor that owned both the mailroom and an office on the second floor of the main building, so we wanted to explore the entire building before it was torn down,” said Rob Depew, who co-founded the group with his wife, Krystal.

The Times building has been purchased by the county, which is planning to demolish the building to build a parking lot.

“We may not catch anything and it could still be haunted. We are optimistic for tonight, though. Reporters say they have heard footsteps and other noises.”

The IGSS travels mostly around the state of Illinois in hopes of helping individuals find peace in their own homes. They offer their free services at the convenience of the property owner. In January and February 2012, the society found itself investigating several houses a week or more as the community became more aware of their availability. The IGSS is slated to investigate four more properties in the immediate future and continues to have people contact them frequently. The group has investigated more than 50 places in the past two years.

“Those interested contact us. Our group never approaches people. We don’t target houses and we would never knock on a stranger’s door and ask if there house was haunted. When we go in we have to stay objective and make sure there is paranormal activity,” said Krystal.

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