Houston Texas Team to Investigate Magnolia Restaurant

The Montgomery County Grille has it all: steaks, seafood and spirits, but not the drinking kind.

From bodiless shadows, tugs at apron strings and random temperature changes within the old rooms, restaurant employees have experienced it all from the yellow house’s friendly ghost.

Paranormal explorer Gabriel Morales plans to visit the establishment Feb. 4 with his crew to seek out any unseen residents.

“Something has claimed this house and they’re not leaving it,” said Cindy Love, the restaurant’s co-owner. “They’re allowing us to be here, and they’re letting us know that.”

Several employees have experienced “haunting” during and outside of business hours since the restaurant opened in August 2011, including cook Tracy Caballero. A Hawaiian native, he said he has an understanding of the supernatural and does not feel threatened by the presence he has felt in the old house.

“On a Sunday (when I was alone) I was in the bathroom and saw footprints crossing the stall from under the door, but no one was there,” he said. “Another time the swinging door in the kitchen swung all the way open, then slowly shut without anyone touching it.

“I never feel threatened, though, but just that it’s letting me know it’s here.”

His encounters usually occur when he is alone before or after a shift, Caballero said, when the spirit feels “less threatened.”

The yellow house, built in 1910 by Calvin Yon, has had several owners who have experienced unexplained instances, but there are not any records of extraordinary occurrences in the house, said local resident Celeste Graves.

“I’ve heard a lot of things about the house, but never heard anything directly from someone who lived there,” said Graves, age 92.

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