Hollywood Calls on Topping

A UFO enthusiast from Selby has been approached by a Hollywood producer about making a TV programme on the unexplained.

Tony Topping has told of his surprise and delight at receiving a phone call from award-winning producer and television writer Robert Kiviat.

“He called me from Hollywood ‘in between meetings’,” said Tony, 40, of Woodville Terrace. “It was quite a shocker.

“He wanted to discuss a media project for the United States. I have waited 20 years for this moment.

“Never in a million years would I think it was a big name from the US giving me a call about it.

“It is an achievement even to get to this stage.”

Kiviat specialises in paranormal phenomenon. He has produced 11 specials for 20th Century Fox television, most notably Alien Autopsy and I Shot JFK. He has also appeared as a guest expert on numerous television news shows.

Tony, a part-time media and radio pundit on UFOs and a UFO commentator for talkSPORT, said: “He is very well known and saw my material online.

“We will, in the weeks ahead, be entering into discussions about the way forward.”

While he waits for the next call from Kiviat, Tony is asking the people of Selby to come forward and discuss their supernatural experiences.

Full Article | Source: www.selbytimes.co.uk

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