Former North Street Police Station Investigated by Pennine Paranormal Society

Keighley ghostbusters say they have found evidence that the new Keighley Civic Centre is haunted.

Members of Pennine Paranormal Society recently carried out an investigation at the centre, in the former North Street police station.

Society founder Si Booth said his team recorded excellent audio evidence of footsteps and a female wailing.

He hoped for more spooky happenings when the team is joined by the public in the building’s old cells on July 6, during Keighley Festival.

The investigation was one of several carried out recently by the newly-expanded society.

Si, Sue Sharpe and Chris Whitehouse have been joined by husband and wife mediums Francine and Neil Crowther and cameraman Kevin Robinson.

Si said the team captured sound and vision of a piano playing by itself while at the Jam On Top music studios in Keighley’s Dalton Lane.

The team has been invited to join the UK’s biggest ever paranormal investigation at Marston Moor, where 16 teams from around the country will be joined by historians to investigate the site on July 1, the date of the English Civil War battle.

Si Booth was recently named a “Global Moderator” on the “Busters Ghost Gear” American Paranormal Forum.

Si said: “This forum has some of the most influential and scientifically-minded people in our field, including members of Lorraine Warren’s own team Fantasm Paragroup.

“It is really a privilege to be part of something that is pushing the understanding of our field forward in such a way.”

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