Finding Bigfoot Lands Two Pennsylvania Men in Hot Water With Local Police

A search by two Cornwall men looking for a creature in the night landed them in trouble with the police on Wednesday.

Cornwall police charged Jesse L. Wenrich, 29, and Robert E. Zimmerman II, 48 with criminal trespass for being on property owned by Montgomery County developers Haines & Kibblehouse along Iron Valley Road in the borough, police said.

A resident of the area called police about 5:05 a.m. and reported a man was banging on his door asking for help, according to a police report. The man told the resident that he was chasing a bear and got his truck stuck on the Haines & Kibblehouse property, which is posted with no-trespassing signs.

Police said the men told them they heard something in the woods, thought it was Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, and went looking for it. According to legend, Sasquatch inhabits forests mainly in the Pacific Northwest.

Haines & Kibblehouse Inc. of Skippack has plans to develop the the property that is situated around a water-filled quarry that was once the site of iron-ore mining associated with the Cornwall Furnace and later Bethlehem Steel. Plans call for 590 homes, a hotel, water park and other lake-based recreation facilities.

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