‘Finding Bigfoot’ Claims to Have Compelling Evidence

A television crew claims to have compelling audio evidence of a Bigfoot-type creature existing in the forests of Australia.

The four-member team from Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot series recorded the sounds that they attributed to a ‘Yowie’ – a fabled ape-like creature reportedly found in the Australian forests similar to Bigfoot or a sasquatch.

The team say they all heard the noises as they were on an expedition through forests near the Queensland and New South Wales border.

Fay said that the TV crew, who are described as ‘eccentric but passionate Bigfoot enthusiasts’ on the programme’s website, captured activity from a ‘Yowie’ in two different locations.

However, he refused to disclose the audio itself or more details before they present their findings on the TV show first.

Out of more than 20 expeditions around the world to track down the elusive and possibly mythical creature, Fay says that this evidence was ‘maybe the best one as far as audio recordings.’

Full Article | Source: www.dailymail.co.uk


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