‘Devil Inside’ Can Go to Hell

It seems Hollywood is possessed.

It’s worrisome enough that some malevolent force keeps green-lighting redundant exorcism movies, but throw in that tedious “found footage” technique, and you’ve got a film shot on helluloid.

“The Devil Inside” is one of the worst to date. With the studios obviously trying to capitalize off the already tired “Paranormal Activity” series, maybe this latest piece seemed like a good idea.

It wasn’t, but it cost $33.7 million in opening weekend revenue for folks to learn the hard way, while Paramount, which reportedly acquired the film for $1 million, laughed itself to the bank.

But the studio executives weren’t the only ones laughing. For all intents and purposes, “Devil Inside” could easily play like a comedy of film making errors – stilted dialogue, sub-par performances, absurd plot development, abominable cinematography, dollar store production value and one of the worst “endings” since George Lucas added Hayden Christesen’s ghost to “Return of the Jedi.”

Experts are chalking up its success to a viral marketing campaign, one that purported that the film was based on a true story, and one that’s been used relentlessly since “The Blair Witch Project.”

Furthermore, as the film opens, a title card informs us that the Vatican did not endorse or aid in making the movie. Fair enough. The Vatican didn’t endorse or aid in making “Snakes on a Plane” either. 
But I wish it had. [...]

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