Dartmouth Anomaly Research Team Investigates Yankee Pedlar

A team of Massachusetts-based paranormal investigators spent last Saturday night and Sunday morning investigating if there was paranormal activity at the Yankee Pedlar Inn on Main Street.

The Dartmouth Anomaly Research Team investigates strange phenomenon in historic places, like the Yankee Pedlar. They were joined by other investigators from Worcester Paranormal. They are at the 121-year-old Torrington hotel in part because of the recent movie, “The Innkeepers,” which told a fictional story of hauntings at the hotel and was filmed on location at the Torrington landmark.

Kathy Caslin of Worcester Paranormal is a full time nurse. She investigates otherworldly activities at historic buildings and locations in her off time. She spends as much time looking for what is there as for what isn’t there.

“You can’t go into a building being a true believer. You have to take a skeptical approach,” Caslin said.  “A lot of the buildings we’ve done, the historical sites people have claimed to have a lot of activity going on, but we’ve been able to debunk it.”

Through the years, guests have said they felt a presence in Room 353. That’s where the team set up infrared cameras that will record all night. The owner, Sanjay Patel, says there have been plenty of stories about that room, and many groups have investigated the building.  Some claim the original owners, the Conely’s, are haunting the building.

Full Article | Source: www.courant.com

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