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With Jerry off on some kind of assignment (probably only saving some family from demons) co-host Julie Schnider takes control of Global Paranormal Radio to speak with the folks at CORE Paranormal NZ.

Core Paranormal NZ we are based in Palmerston North New Zealand and we investigate all over the country, our group was formed early January 2009.

To date we are seven strong

Hi my name is George Shiels along with my wife Crissy we formed our group in January 2009.

We were having some issues prior to then that seemed to fit into the paranormal slot, and this strange activity was not going away, and it was driving us made and particularly my step daughter Victoria nuts, we did contact a local paranormal group several times that were based here in Palmerston North back in 2009, but they were not interested in helping us they didn’t even call around, even though they were 5 minutes away.

So it became obvious that we were going to have to take this on by ourselves as a family, we had no idea at the time what to do so we read books, watch videos and visited web sites to see what equipment we would need, also how to use it, and today we have built our equipment up to very large arsenal of investigational hardware of all sorts, over the last five years we have been very active helping individuals, families and larger commercial investigation at no cost to the client, Our services are free there are no hidden costs.

The way I George and Crissy look at this is: When we asked for help and did not get it and we were gutted about that, the thought of this happening to someone else is disturbing to us and our team. We turn no one away within reason, and if someone is too far away we are in contact with other trustworthy groups that might be closer to them, we stay involved until the other group makes contact with the client.

Even though we are very well equipped technology wise, our best tool is our team, they are a great bunch and get along with each other, and they know what is expected of them on investigation and they do it well, I would not change any of them and each member has there stand out quality’s on investigations, and that helps keep balance and focus when we are investigating and viewing data.

The past 5 years have been a real learning curve for us all in the team, and it has helped us develop the techniques that work for us and we use today, also a better understanding on approaching the word of the paranormal.

Our Crew members to date are:

Crisstina Researcher and first person contact, Team Leader
George Investigator, technology, Team Leader
Victoria Investigator, Sensitive
Catherine Investigator, Great with a camera
Brenda Investigator, Sensitive
Ewan Investigator, Bachelor Science & Chemistry with a Strong interest
Jamie Investigator Night security guard with a strong interest

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