Calumet Paranormal Investigates With TV6

Meet the Calumet Paranormal team. Not only do they investigate paranormal claims, they also debunk and try to disprove the unexplained.

“We talk to the client first, find out what’s going on, we physically meet with them, and then we go onto location to do the paranormal investigation. After we set up equipment we analyze the evidence thoroughly and bring it to the client,” said John Grathoff, founder of Calumet Paranormal.

Every investigation takes anywhere from three to eight hours.

Gina Olawale has been a part of the team for about a year and says she enjoys it.

“I’ve just always been interested in this kind of stuff since I was a kid. It just really interests me. I used to read all of the books about it,” said Olawale.

Every investigation also uses various types of equipment.

“The digital voice recorder helps us catch EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena and this is an EMF detector which is able to figure out electromagnetic field,” Grathoff said.

The team asked for the location to remain a secret so once they were inside they used some of their equipment to determine whether or not the building had some sort of unexplained phenomenon.


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